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Approval Processes

CSAAVE Approval Overview

CSAAVE approves institutions, facilities, and training establishments and their educational and/or vocational degree or non-college degree certificate and diploma programs or certification test, for the enrollment of eligible GI Bill ® beneficiaries.   Approval is voluntary and there is no required application fee.  Information pertaining to CSAAVE's authority is prescribed under 38 CFR Part 21, Subpart D - Administration of Educational Assistance Programs.

The categories of CSAAVE approved program or course types are as follows:

  • Accredited courses:   Institutions, universities, colleges, community colleges, and trade schools offering instruction at the post-secondary level that lead to an associate (or higher) educational degree. The institution must be empowered by the appropriate state education authority (under state law), or accredited by a recognized national accrediting agency or association to grant such degrees.  A nationally recognized accrediting agency or association is one that appears on the list published by the Secretary of Education as required by 38 United States Code (U.S.C) 3675(a). The State approving agency may use the accreditation of these accrediting agencies or associations for approval of the course specifically accredited and approved by the agency or association.

  • Nonaccredited courses:  Nonaccredited courses are courses which are not approved as accredited courses and which are offered by a public or private, profit or nonprofit, educational institution. These include nonaccredited courses offered by extension centers or divisions, or vocational or adult education departments of institutions of higher learning.

  • Licensing and certification test:   Licensing or certification tests necessary to demonstrate an individual's possession of the knowledge or skill required to enter into, maintain, or advance in employment in a predetermined and identified vocation or profession.

  • Flight training courses:  Flight instruction or programs offered by a flight school, facility, or an institution of higher learning. A State approving agency may not approve a flight course if an individual instructor offers it.

  • Apprenticeship/On-the-job training:  Apprenticeship or on-the-job training is a program which meets the requirements of 38 CFR §21.4261 or 38 CFR §21.4262, respectively, and is offered at a training establishment as defined in 38 CFR §21.4200(c).

The Approval Process

Initial Approval:   Institution's desiring to enroll eligible Title 38 beneficiaries must submit application to CSAAVE for approval.  The Initial Approval (also referred to as "Original" approval) process is the approval of one or more programs at a new or previously unapproved institution or facility. While CSAAVE approval is program specific, many of the approval criteria (e.g., probationary policy, disciplinary policy and grading system, etc.) are institutional in nature, applying to more than one program. 

Nonaccredited institutions only: 

Please read the FAQ sheet, before submitting an application to CSAAVE.

Maintaining CSAAVE approval:  CSAAVE approval expires when the Catalog or Veteran Information Bulletin (VIB) fails to remain in effect, in both content and policy, as certified true and correct by the school and approved by CSAAVE.   Institutions must notify CSAAVE of changes, including but not limited to changes in to the institution in the following areas:

  • Location
  • New branches or teaching sites

  • Ownership

  • New/revised/expired catalog, Veterans Information Bulletin, or Addendum

  • Policies

  • Program requirements

  • Courses offered under contract

  • Accreditation or licensure status

Failure to submit new publications of the catalog or VIB for approval or failure to properly notify CSAAVE of institutional changes, even in academic years when there are no veterans or eligible persons enrolled, automatically voids the approval effective the date of change. 

Applications:  Institutions may request an application from CSAAVE for each of the following:

  • Initial approval

    • Accredited public or proprietary institution

    • Unaccredited public or proprietary institution

  • Maintaining approval

    • Accredited public or proprietary institution

    • Unaccredited public or proprietary institution

    • Flight training

    • High school GED training program

    • License and Certification testing

    • On-the-job and Apprenticeship programs

Submission of all information and documentation constitutes the institution's application for CSAAVE approval. An Approval will not be processed, unless and until all of the required information and documentation is provided to the CSAAVE. Applications that fail to include all required information and documents will be deemed incomplete and may be returned or denied approval.

Applications must include all material facts pertaining to the institution, its policies, locations and educational programs, certificates, diplomas and degrees, as part of a request for approval.   All documents submitted must be true and exact copies of the documents issued by the external agency or entity.  Any document or statement that is found to be false, fictitious, fraudulent, misleading or misrepresent the institution, its programs and/or ownership for the purpose of obtaining a grant of CSAAVE Approval will result in the immediate Suspension, Withdrawal or Denial of approval.  

Nothing in the application prevents or limits the ability of CSAAVE to request additional information or documentation, conduct an on-site evaluation, contact external entities or review the records of veteran and non-veteran students to ascertain compliance with applicable standards and requirements.  (38 USC 3690(c)) (38 CFR 21.4209) (Public Law 93-80)


Always contact CSAAVE, to ensure that you obtain the most current application forms and documents. 

To obtain an application:

Please email your request to us at:

Or you may contact CSAAVE at:  (916) 503-8317

Please allow 48 hours for a response to your inquiry.


Only the USDVA can provide assistance or address questions related to eligibility or payment.

All questions regarding eligibility and payment of GI Bill benefits must be directed to the USDVA at 1-888-GIBILL1.

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Approval Processes