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Additional Loan Services

CalVet offers a number of services to our loan holders.  More information can be found in the FAQ section below.  Please note the FAQs are numbered and tied to each individual heading.  You may also call one of our representatives and we will be happy to assist you. 

1. Escrow Analysis and Disclosure

​An escrow disclosure statement and notification of your new loan payment is issued annually, usually in June. The escrow disclosure statement reflects escrow account activity for the current fiscal year and the projected activity for the next fiscal year along with any monthly payment changes or refunds due. Refunds are mailed within 30 days of the Notice Regarding Escrow Disclosure. Any changes to the monthly installment, as indicated on the escrow disclosure statement, are effective with the August 1st billing statement.

2. Property/Legal Description Modification

​Occasionally, there is a need to change the legal description of a property secured with a CalVet loan. This can be in the form of a lot split, acquiring additional property, releasing a portion of the property, or sometimes both through an exchange of a portion of property; or you may be contacted regarding granting of an easement or right of way. In all situations, CalVet will need to be involved and will review your request for approval. Fees may apply.

3. Title, Vesting, or Marital Status Changes

A change of ownership that affects the way your contract interest is held on your CalVet loan, i.e., divorce, death, a revocable living trust, adding a spouse or domestic partner, requires CalVet's approval.  We will explain what documentation is needed and review your request for approval.  Fees may apply.

4. Property Taxes

​The county issues an annual secured property tax bill based on the assessed value of the property and any special assessments, Mello-Roos, etc. Your monthly installment includes an impound account for the purpose of collecting monies for the payment of the annual secured property tax bill. You, as the homeowner, are responsible for payment of any other type of bills, such as supplemental, escaped, additional, etc. If you are unable to pay the bill, contact us for assistance. If the homeowner applied and was approved by the County Assessor's Office for an exemption or proposition, provide us with a copy of your approval letter and submit a written request to adjust your monthly installment. If you wish to opt out of the CalVet property tax impound program, and you meet our eligibility requirements, complete and submit the Property Tax Program Exemption Request form.  Fees may apply.

5. Loan Verification

If you or your lender needs information (payment/credit history) regarding your account with CalVet, please contact the Loan Servicing Unit. Submit a written request, $25.00 processing fee, and a completed borrower’s authorization form is required.

6. Waiver of Occupancy

It is intended that your home be your primary residence while the CalVet loan is in force. However, CalVet understands there may be unusual circumstances which may require you to temporarily leave your home and/or rent the property. Upon showing of good cause, we may allow a temporary Waiver of Occupancy. Submit your written request explaining your circumstances, a $25.00 processing fee, and supporting documentation to the Loan Servicing Unit.

7. Year-End Statements

Annually, no later than January 31st, you will be issued applicable tax forms (1098, 1099-INT, Year-End Statement) advising you of the interest and taxes paid for the previous year.



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Additional Loan Services