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CalVet REN Enriched Neighborhood Services

Our Enriched Neighborhood® model provides no-cost social and educational services by connecting our families with other local agencies that bring services right into the neighborhoods. These services include, but not limited to: financial education, health information, dental hygiene, homeownership and repair and children’s programs such as tutoring. Services begin 12 months before and continue 12 to 24 months after moving into their new homes. Families will receive Sweat Equity hours for all classes and services, including required ones.

Required Classes

  • Planning a Budget
  • Saving for the Future
  • Managing Credit
  • Debt Management
  • Online Financial Training
  • Gardening
  • Home Repair
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Optional Classes

  • Funding/Grants for College
  • Safety in the Home-Poisons
  • Safety in the Home-Environment
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Certified Emergency Response (Fire Department Training)
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Tutoring
  • ESL (10 day course)
  • Employee Training/Skills
  • Teen Money Management
  • Dental Screenings
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity & Diabetes Screening and Education
  • Computer Training
  • Veteran Specific Services

  • Military Benefits Counseling
  • Online Veteran-Specific Financial Literacy Certification
  • (Clear Point through Citibank)
  • In-Person Financial Literacy Classes
  • Credit Rehabilitation Counseling (Veteran Plus)
  • PTSD Counseling
  • Child Development for Military Families
  • Veteran-to-Veteran Mentorship
  • My TIME (Trauma Informed Military Enrichment)
    • Mood & Multimedia
    • Equine & Canine Therapy
    • Drumming and Movement
    • A Window Between Worlds Art Workshops
    • Vision Boarding
    • Veteran-to-Veteran Dialogue
    • Community Biography Building
    • Autobiographical Writing & Presentation


    CalVet and Homes for Families partner with many agencies to bring these services to
    our families. A few key organizations include: Citibank, Clear Point, UCLA Nathanson Center, A Window Between Worlds and Veteran Plus.

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