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Would you like to estimate what a monthly payment would be for a particular loan amount? Use the Payment calculator below to estimate potential monthly payments.  Next, you may want to determine if purchasing a home is a better financial decision than renting.  Use the Rent Vs. Buy calculator to determine which situation is best for you.  If you want a quick view of how our underwriters may determine the affordability of a loan for a person of your income profile, use the Income Qualifier Test calculator. However, our CalVet underwriters always apply compensating factor criteria. As a result, It is very important to always apply for a loan and let the underwriter decide.  Also, these calculators are provided for information and customer service purposes only.  These calculators are not used by our underwriters as part of our underwriting process. 



Payment Calculator CalculatorUse this calculator to determine the principal and interest payment for a home loan. You will need the loan amount, interest rate, and term.
Compare Loan Scenarios Loan ScenariosUse this calculator to compare and contrast different home loan strategies. Sometimes it makes sense to pay fees for lower interest rates. Sometimes it does not. Find out with this calculator.
Income Qualifer Test Qualifer TestHow much gross annual income do you need to qualify for a particular home loan payment and loan amount? Use this calculator to discover how underwriters may evaluate income in reference to a home loan payment and the amount of loan you qualify for.
Payment (PITI) (PITI)Use this calculator to determine the principal, interest, taxes and insurance payment (PITI) on a loan. You will need to know the interest rate, the term, the loan amount, the annual taxes, and insurance premium you want to analyze.
Rent vs Buy vs BuyDo you currently rent your home? If so, use this calculator to determine if purchasing a home is a superior financial decision.

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