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Certificate of Coverage
Certificate of Coverage

​If you are in need of evidence of insurance coverage for any reason, let CalVet know and we’ll be happy to provide a copy to you, or we can send it on your behalf to another party. 
Because not all secondary lenders require annual notification you must request evidence of coverage when it is needed.  You may also have your secondary lender contact us directly and we will forward it to them and provide you a copy.

Your certificate will reflect the coverage your loan type is mandated to have.  If your loan carries Disaster Indemnity only, then it will be the only coverage on your Certificate of Coverage.  If your loan carries Fire & Hazard, and Disaster Indemnity, then both coverages will appear on your Certificate of Coverage.

Certificates of Coverage are provided free of charge by calling 866-421-6978.

Disaster Indemnity is mandatory on all approved structures funded under an active CalVet home loan.

Fire and Hazard is mandatory on all approved structures funded under an active CalVet home loan.

However, manufactured homes are excluded from participation in the program as are homes such as PUD's and condominiums that are protected under a blanket policy paid through HOA dues.



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Certificate of Coverage