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Consent to Encumber or Improve


If you currently have a CalVet loan and are planning to obtain a second mortgage or if you are planning to improve the property, you must complete the Consent to Encumber or Improve form. 


Second Mortgages Include:

    • Second Trust Deeds
    • Home Equity Loan
    • Home Equity Line of Credit

Improvements Include:

    • Solar
    • Home Addition
    • Structural Alterations
    • Pool
    • Detached Garage, Barn, etc..
    • Upgrades
    • Roofing Material Change (i.e. shake to tile)

When you are requesting approval for a second mortgage, your lender will need to provide information and sign this form.  If any of the funds from the second mortgage will be used for improvements to the home, please contact us at 866-653-2504. 

​You must be current on your CalVet home loan.
Your lender must also agree to the terms of our property insurances.
Improvements to the structure need to be performed by a licensed contractor.



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Consent to Encumber or Improve