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Welcome to CalVet Home Loans. If you are a current CalVet loan holder, CalVet’s loan servicing team is here to manage your account for as long as you have a CalVet home loan. We are not like other lenders that sell their loans. Our goal is to deliver the customer service you deserve by providing the security of knowing the people empowered to act on your behalf when it comes to handling your account.

Your CalVet home loan offers life insurance options, a home improvement loan financed at CalVet’s current interest rates, if qualified, and financial hardship assistance should you need it, as a part of your benefit package. More information about these benefit features and answers to many of your questions are available on our website by selecting one of the buttons to the right.

Access your account online.

As a CalVet loan holder, you can view your account information, print a billing statement, account activity statement (transaction history), amortization schedule, Form 1098, or your escrow disclosure statement. You can find the link in the lower right-hand navigation pane throughout the current customer home loan web pages. For your convenience, you can also find it here:

Please Note: Home Loans Account Access link will be undergoing maintenance and be unavailable between 5pm and 9pm PST Wednesday, December 11th.

Account Access 

We are here to help you with any loan servicing questions regarding your payments, property taxes, changes to how you hold title to your property possibly due to divorce, marriage, or a trust. Our life of the loan servicing allows us to give you a little more personalized assistance. If you are unable to find the information you need on the Loan Services button to the right, call the Loan Servicing Unit at 866-653-2504.

Purchasing a home is typically the single largest investment most people will make during their lifetime. So in order to protect your investment from catastrophes CalVet has a low cost low deductible Fire & Hazard Program and a Disaster Indemnity, (Earthquake & Flood) program. These protection plans are mandatory on all CalVet Home Loans; note that Fire & Hazard is not provided for manufactured homes. CalVet also arranged optional Life coverage through an outside provider that provides financial assistance in times of need.

Our goal is to help keep you in your home. If you should find yourself in a difficult financial situation and are unable to make a payment or anticipate that you will be unable to make a payment, you have options. Please call one of our agents today at 800-700-2127. We look forward to serving you.

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