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How to submit a claim

CalVet Insurance is there to protect the financial interest for our contract holders by providing Fire and Hazard and Disaster Indemnity coverages, as well as Life and Disability Coverage to many of our contract holders.  Should you need to file a claim under one of our awesome programs, please follow the directions provided below.

Property damage

Sams & Associates York Field Services performs Claims Adjustment duties for property damage on behalf of the California Department of Veterans Affairs for the Fire & Hazard Programs and Disaster Indemnity. If your CalVet property has been damaged, you are required to immediately call Sams & Associates York Field Services at 800-626-1613 to file a claim. If you discover damage after a defined event you must report the damage to Sams & Associates York Field Services immediately after the damage has been discovered.


Claims can be directed to CalVet Home Loans by contacting us at 866-421-6978 (Toll Free). We’ll be happy to work with The Standard Insurance Company to ensure timely receipt of any benefit due from the Group Life Insurance Policy. Any person may inform us about the death of a CalVet Home Loans contract holder. For the most part, CalVet Home Loans will need a copy of the death certificate to submit the claim to The Standard Insurance Company.


Claims should be directed to The Standard Insurance Company at 866-825-5796, to ensure your health privacy remains intact.

You must be participating in the CalVet plans to be eligible to coverage. If you have questions regarding your participation, please contact our CalVet Home Protection group or call us at 866-421-6978.




The Standard
920 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
866-825-5796 (Toll Free)
971-321-8712 (Direct)
971-321-6406 (Fax) 


Sams & Associates York Field Services
4080 Cavitt Stallman Rd # 100, 
Granite Bay, CA 95746
800-626-1613 (Toll Free) 
916-786-7267 (Direct)

CalVet Home Loans
Home Protection Unit
1227 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
866-421-6978 (Toll Free)
916-503-8355 (Direct)

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How to submit a claim