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Life & Disability Insurance

Plan ahead to protect your families home by taking advantage of our group life insurance.  Our easy application process only requires completion of the medical history form which is only one page compared to several pages required by other insurance providers.

 For customers whose application date is February 1, 2013 or later:

CalVet no longer offers disability insurances, and has also restructured the life coverages. Optional Life or Optional Spouse coverages exist, offering payoff of the loan balance at the time of death.

You and/or your spouse have an opportunity to apply for group life insurance at competitive group rates. Applicant(s) must be under age 62 and coverage ends at age 70 or at loan payoff). Under this plan, subject to the terms of the group policy, the balance of your home loan is paid off if the covered person dies while insured.*

To qualify, you and your spouse, if applicable, will need to submit a Medical History Statement to The Standard Insurance company for approval review. The evaluation of health status for you or your spouse for the purposes of this plan will not include any health conditions arising from a qualified military service-connected disability, which could help you obtain coverage or rates you couldn’t be offered elsewhere.

*The controlling provisions, including exclusions and limitations, are in Standard Insurance Company’s group policy.

For customers whose application date is prior to February 1, 2013:

CalVet Contract holders under age 62 whose loans funded between February 1, 1998, and January 31, 2003, and Contract holders whose loans closed escrow on or after February 1, 2003, must carry Regular Life insurance. This insurance covers your monthly principal and interest for a specified period, as determined following an evaluation of your health status at the time you apply for your CalVet loan. Health conditions resulting from a military service-connected disability will be excluded from this evaluation. Regular Life coverage will terminate at age 70.

If your loan funded prior to 1998:

Please contact CalVet’s Home Protection Unit to review your specific coverage information.

​Insurance is subject to the approval of your Medical History Statement by The Standard Insurance Company.
Additional terms, exclusions and limitations, including a two-year suicide exclusion, apply to each coverage.
For our new loan applications and their spouses, you must be under the age of 62 to apply for coverage, and coverage ceases at age 70.
For existing loan customers, your coverage may cease at a different age, please contact us for specifics on your coverage.



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Life & Disability Insurance