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The entire team at CalVet Home Loans understands how a real estate professional makes a living.  If a purchase contract is not accepted or does not close, you do not make any money.   Often, you have worked many hours with our veteran client, and we want to ensure you get fairly compensated.  To that end, we are committed to getting you paid.   At CalVet Home Loans:

  • Our veteran clients will have comprehensive Pre-approval letters clearly stating the veteran is fully qualified to purchase a home.  We review income, credit, assets, and all the key factors to be able to commit to closing the loan the veteran qualifies for.

  • Our Pre-approval letters will be signed by a CalVet Loan Originator who will be the single point of contact throughout the loan closing process.   You will have their direct telephone and email contact information.  They will be able to answer any question and get you any document necessary to get your offers accepted and your homes closed. 

  • Our systems are technologically strong.  Our veteran clients are able to send us documents securely and electronically aiding in our meeting all processing and closing deadlines.

  • Our management team will call listing agents and sellers to add support for the quality and credibility of our veterans' offers.  CalVet is committed to meeting all contingency dates and closing on time for the benefit of all parties involved.

  •  Real estate agents and brokers will receive constant communication and experience a true partnership in achieving the goal of an on time closed home purchase.

Call us today at 866-653-2510 to learn more about getting your veteran clients Pre-approved.




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Real Estate Agents