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Get Pre-Approved!

Getting a pre-approval letter from CalVet Home Loans is the first step in the home purchase process. Just call 866-653-2510 between 8am and 5pm Monday-Friday.  One of our CalVet Loan Originators will get you started.  If you need help outside of those hours or prefer to work online, press Apply Now and start the application process on line.

Our fast CalVet pre-approval process will answer two important questions:

  • Are you eligible (veteran status) for this benefit based on current State of California and Federal guidelines and laws?
  • Does your credit, income, and asset profile meet our underwriting guidelines for granting a CalVet Home or Farm loan? 

When our originator determines you meet or exceed the eligibility and underwriting guidelines, a pre-approval letter is provided immediately (electronically or by mail).  The pre-approval letter will outline:

  • The maximum loan amount CalVet Home Loans will lend based on the provided documentation.
  • The maximum home or farm purchase price the veteran could offer in a purchase contract based on provided documentation.
  • The current interest rate the veteran qualifies for. 

Once you receive the pre-approval letter, you are ready to shop for a home. You or your real estate professional should submit the pre-approval letter with all offers to purchase real estate.

Call now at 866-653-2510 to talk with one our CalVet Loan Originators or press Apply Now to start the pre-approval process online. 


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Get Pre-Approved!