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Why CalVet?

If you are veteran purchasing a home or farm in California, CalVet Home Loans should be your first call.  CalVet Home Loans is not a bank or finance company (however, some private companies may "appear" as CalVet on the web).   We are a California state agency authorized to provide a home or farm loan benefit to our returning veterans and their families as a thank you for the sacrifices made for our state and nation.  California state voter approved bonds provide low cost funding for this benefit.  As a result, our loan products are typically a better value than conventional and other government loan products available on the market today. Also, CalVet Home Loans is a self funded state organization.  That means CalVet Home Loans is able to provide this benefit to our qualified veterans without cost to the California tax payer.  

To learn more, call one of our CalVet Loan Originators today.  We believe every veteran in California should use CalVet Home Loans for all their home financing needs.  Here are some compelling reasons why:

  • Low interest rates - Our low competitive fixed rate is available for many of our eligible veterans.

  • Low costs - We charge a low 1% origination fee.  No other lender fees (no underwriting, processing, or document fees).

  • Manual Underwriting - Each file is reviewed by a live underwriter who approves "make sense" loans for our deserving veterans.

  • Exceptional Insurance - CalVet loans generally carry Fire & Hazard insurance and Disaster Indemnity (Flood & Earthquake) coverage that is unparalleled in the industry.  Low deductibles are standard in our policies.

  • Best in Class Service - Closing your loan on time is our number one priority.  We know the market is highly competitive.  Speed and confidence in the process are the keys to a successful experience.  CalVet is committed to speed in closing, clear lines of communication, and a positive "customer service" attitude when you interact with the CalVet team.

  • Farm loans for qualified veterans.


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Why CalVet?