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Is CalVet financing available?

Certain CalVet repossessed properties qualify for CalVet financing.  The advertisement or MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will state if CalVet financing is available.  If you are seeking CalVet financing, you must pre-qualify for a CalVet loan prior to your offer being accepted. CalVet financing is available to veterans and non-veterans alike on repossessed properties only.

CalVet Home Loans offers different loan programs and funding source types.  Down payment requirements vary with the different loan programs.  The availability of some funding source types depends upon the military eligibility of the purchaser.

CalVet financing is subject to CalVet's prevailing underwriting guidelines, loan terms, fees, and interest rate.  Non-qualifying veterans and non-veterans purchasing CalVet repossessed properties are limited in loan programs and funding sources available to them and are subject to an interest rate of 0.5% (one-half percent) above the highest advertised interest rate.

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Is CalVet financing available?