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Minority and Underrepresented Veterans




The Minority and Underrepresented Veterans Division is the California Department of Veterans Affairs model for inter-and intra-agency co-operation, to ensure all Veterans receive equal service regardless of race, origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We are process improvement-oriented and both internal and external customer-centric. Dignity and an acceptable quality of life are the products we seek to deliver to ALL Veterans no matter what their circumstance.


The Minority and Underrepresented Veterans Division promotes the use of VA benefits, programs, and services by minority and underrepresented Veterans communities. We advocate on behalf of minority and underrepresented Veterans by identifying gaps in services as well as proudly support and initiate activities that educate and sensitize the public to the unique needs of minority and underrepresented Veterans.

Minority Veterans Email: or call (916) 653-1402​

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Older african male veteran sitting with group of other veterans.

Minority and Underrepresented Veterans