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Advocates Workshops

The SB/DVBE Advocate Workshop provides a forum for the state's SB/DVBE Advocates to facilitate open, productive communication with other state Advocates to successfully implement  SB/DVBE program procedures and regulations. The Advocate Workshop is open to all state Advocates to present current topics, enhance Advocate understanding of SB/DVBE policies and regulations, and mitigate Advocate difficulties related to understanding and reporting agency procurement and participation results. The Advocate Workshop ensures effective and open communication between the state's advocates and the Department of General Services (DGS), Procurement Division, the Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS), and the California Department of Veteran Affairs (CalVet) towards an effective resolution of SB/DVBE program issues and concerns.

The Advocate Workshops are held four times each year at the Department of General Services in West Sacramento, California.

2019 Workshops

April 23, 2019 SB/DVBE Advocate Meeting

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Advocates Workshops