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Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program

Annually, the State of California contracts billions of dollars for goods and services to ensure California's economy stays healthy, strong, and prosperous and promotes business opportunities and participation for all of its citizenry. Small businesses, including veterans, disabled veterans, and disabled veteran business enterprises are instrumental to the good health of the State's economy and a principal source of new jobs in California.

Accordingly, the State of California established the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program in 1989 under Public Contract Code 10115 to primarily help DVBEs compete more effectively for a portion of those dollars, and to promote self-reliance for California's disabled veterans by offering veterans the opportunity to gain experience in business, while sharing their expertise with the citizens of California and provide a goal of awarding 3% of all state contracts to certified DVBEs.

Entrepreneurs: While the DVBE program does NOT provide direct assistance for starting your own business, there are many resources dedicated to helping veteran owned businesses.

Participation Goals

For all agencies, the State has established a small business participation goal of at least 25% and a DVBE participation goal of at least 3%. The goals apply to the overall dollar amount expended each year by an awarding department.

With the specific opportunity of at least a 3% goal of all state contracts for certified DVBEs, the creation of the program fosters further business competition and adds to a vibrant California economy. The program also facilitates the integration of disabled veterans into California's entrepreneurial economy because of their incomparable sacrifices made when they answered their Country's call.

CalVet has set its DVBE and small business participation goals at:

  • DVBE: 5% participation

  • Small Business: 25% participation

DVBE Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for certification the business must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 51% unconditionally owned by one or more disabled veterans or must be 100% unconditionally owned by one or more disabled veterans if the business is a Limited Liability Company.

  • Have its daily operations managed and controlled by one or more disabled veterans; the disabled veteran(s) who manages & controls the business is not required to be the disabled veteran business owner(s).

  • Have its home office located in the United States; and the office cannot be a branch or subsidiary of a foreign corporation, foreign firm or other foreign-based business. For more information on eligibility go to the DGS page or see the DGS informational brochure.

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Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program