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Why beautify and restore the California Mexican American Veterans' Memorial?

When the Memorial is rededicated, the dream of the mothers who labored to create this remembrance following World War II will be fully realized. It will emerge as a significant and visible commemoration whose mission and vision honors the sacrifice and service of the men and women who answered the call to protect and defend our freedom. California's Latino Veterans - past and future - now have a permanent place of honor.

Will the Memorial honor only Mexican American Veterans?

No. The Memorial honors and commemorates the memory of all Latino Veterans. The Memorial is clearly dedicated to service members of Hispanic descent and all others.

Will public funds be used to beautify and support restoration of the Memorial?

No public funds have been used to support the Memorial. Private donations were raised to support the project.

Are contributions to the Memorial's beautification and restoration tax deductible?

Yes. Contributions qualify as a donation and are tax deductible pursuant to Section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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