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Agencies SB/DVBE Program Advocates

California State Agencies and Departments, with annual expenditures over $100,000 are mandated by law and by Executive Order to appoint a single point of contact to act as both the Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) Advocate. The Advocate's responsibility is to promote and implement program requirements to assist their department with providing purchasing and contracting opportunities within the SB and DVBE business communities.

The recommended first point of contact for SB and DVBE Vendors is the awarding department's SB/DVBE Advocate. The Advocate can answer questions about their departments buying needs and clarify their individual procurement process. The Advocate is there to help Vendors answer contracting questions and / or resolve contracting issues. 

The duties of the SB/DVBE Advocate include the following services:

  • Make information regarding pending solicitations available to, and consider offers from, California SBs and DVBEs capable of meeting the State's business needs,
  • Provide assistance regarding solicitation protest procedures and timelines, and ensure that payments due on a contract with a SB/DVBE are made promptly, as provided for in Government Code Section 927 et seq., known as the Prompt Payment Program.  For more information call 1 (877) 741-8532.    
  • The Department's Advocate is responsible for investigating the issue and hopefully finding resolution. If, after a full investigation, the awarding department's Advocate is unable to provide the requested information or service; the advocate may seek assistance from the Department of General Services (DGS) Office of Small Business & DVBE Services (OSDS).    

Note: There are approximately 180 principle advocates in agencies, departments, boards, commissions, etc. The links below have over 250 names; many names are on the list because they are "interested parties" to the advocate's information. Some, like the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), have a Principal Advocate, and then each individual facility has an Advocate, so the large number is not an accurate count of actual Departmental Advocates. The SB/DVBE Advocates Directory is available using Microsoft Excel.

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Agencies SB/DVBE Program Advocates