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3rd annual Veterans Stand Down will be Feb. 7-10

VALLEY CENTER ROADRUNNER --- When Marine Gunnery Sergeant Matt Foster was in the service during the second Iraq War, he was known for taking care of the men and women who were under his command.  "Gunny" Foster (as they say in Marine parlance) recalls: "My Marines would ask me for help and I could help them easily with things that they might have to wait for hours if they went off to do it themselves—especially if someone made them wait for hours." He could show up and he outranked all the guys who he would be dealing with and they were quick to process his requests.  He was happy to do things like that and to tell his Marines, "Here's your problem. It's fixed. The look on their faces was my drug of choice," he recalls.  He helped the guys in the shop who worked for him. "They knew I had their back."

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3rd annual Veterans Stand Down will be Feb. 7-10