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Burial Fees and Disinterment

State Veterans Cemeteries - Burial Fees and Disinterment

CalVet currently operates State Veterans Cemeteries in Igo, Yountville, and Monterey County. This regulation established a clear outline for the fees required for the burial of an eligible spouse or dependent at any State Veterans Cemetery and the fees required for a disinterment from a State Veterans Cemetery. The specific objective of these adoptions of (and amendments to) the regulations is to provide for the perpetual maintenance of the State Veterans Cemeteries.

Amended and Adopted 12CCR Sections 461,463, and 464, effective 8/30/16

Approved Form 400 and Final Regulation Text

Final Statement of Reasons

Updated Statement of Reasons

Initial Statement of Reasons

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking




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Burial Fees and Disinterment