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County Subvention

County Subvention

CalVet and County Veterans Service Offices (CVSO) have a long standing partnership that provides veterans the ability to access their benefits and services in the counties where they reside. The State provides $5.6 million in a County Subvention program annually to support CVSOs efforts to provide veterans and their families with benefits and services. CalVet is charged with the responsibility to oversee the distribution of subvention funding based on an incentivized formula developed by CalVet. County Subvention relates to the County Veterans Service Officer program. The purpose of these changes to existing regulations was to clarify some of the language regarding funding, expenses, and reporting, and add a section in the Veterans Service Officer Fund (VSOF) section regarding procedures for a new mentor program.

Amended 12CCR Sections 452-453, effective 10/1/16

Final Regulation Text

Initial Statement of Reasons

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Notice of Modification of Proposed Text

Final Statement of Reasons

CalVet Procedure Manual for Subvention and Medi-Cal Cost Avoidance




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County Subvention