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Laws and Regulations
  • Legislation  
    California laws begin as bills proposed by elected lawmakers from the two houses of the California Legislature, the California Senate and Assembly. These bills are proposed rules which, once passed by both houses and signed by the Governor, become law. All California laws may be found in the California Codes.
  • Regulation  
    California’s regulations are generally proposed and adopted by state departments through an official public process. Regulations are rules which are necessary to carry out laws. Often regulations clarify laws in some way, for example by giving additional details or explaining processes.


The legislative process has many ways for the public to receive notice, follow, and express opinions about the bills proposed by lawmakers. The public can express its disagreement or support by appearing at the hearings on bills, contacting lawmakers, and ultimately by voting for or against lawmakers in elections. This built-in fairness is also known as “due process.”

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Laws and Regulations