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Proposed Regulation - Adopted Regulation
Proposed Regulation

A proposed regulation is a rule that a state department has formally proposed but which is still in the rulemaking process. As a general rule, regulations are prompted by the identification of a problem that needs to be fixed to enforce, clarify, or administer a law.

Adopted Regulation

An adopted regulation is a rule that has successfully passed through all the steps of the rulemaking process. In most cases, once adopted, CalVet regulations are permanent until changed. All CalVet adopted regulations are posted on the CalVet website for the convenience of the public. Please click “ADOPTED” to see all of CalVet’s adopted regulations. The adopted regulations for all state departments may be found in the California Code of Regulations.


Members of the public are invited to submit written comments about CalVet’s proposed regulations to CalVet during the official 45 day comment period for each rule.


The process of adopting regulations contains a great number of technical terms, some of the most important and
common terms are:

  • Notice of Proposed Regulation – (Often just referred to as the “Notice”.) This is the official notice to the public that the department is proposing a regulation. The Notice explains the official rulemaking process for that proposed rule and states the dates, deadlines, and methods for public comment. Notices for CalVet’s proposed rules (and for all state departments) may be found in the California Regulatory Notice Register.

  • Proposed Text of a regulation– This is the actual wording of a rule being proposed by the department

  • Initial Statement of Reasons – (Often called an “ISOR”.) This statement identifies the problem a proposed rule is designed to fix and explains the reasoning for the proposed regulation.

  • Where to find CalVet regulation information - Notices, Proposed Texts, and ISORs for CalVet rulemakings may be found on the CalVet website here.
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Proposed Regulation - Adopted Regulation