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CalVet Veteran Homes

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The mission of the CalVet Homes is "to provide the state's aged or disabled veterans with rehabilitative, residential, and medical care and services in a home-like environment." This mission acknowledges the tremendous sacrifice California veterans have made and recognizes them for their noble service to our nation.

The first Veterans Home in California was established in 1884 for Civil War veterans. Today, the CalVet Homes provide long-term care to resident veterans. The eight current Homes are a system of live-in, residential care facilities offering a comprehensive plan of medical, dental, pharmacy, rehabilitation services and social activities within a homelike, small community environment. Residents engage in a wide range of activities including social events, dances, patriotic programs, volunteer activities, arts and crafts, computer access, shopping trips and other off-site activities. Residents live in an atmosphere of dignity and respect—a true home for each resident veteran.

The Homes range in size from 60 residents on a 20 acre site to over 1,000 residents on 500 acres. When all eight Homes are complete, they will house and care for approximately 3,000 veterans.

Veterans who are age 55 and above and discharged from active military service under honorable conditions, are eligible to apply for admission. The age requirement is waived for disabled or homeless veterans needing long-term care.

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