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How much will it cost me to become a resident?

No veteran will be denied admission due to a lack of income. For those veterans who have income, state law requires that they pay a percentage of their income as member fees. Member fees help reduce the amount of state tax dollars needed to operate CalVet Homes, thus allowing the California Department of Veterans Affairs to care for a greater number of veterans. Regardless of fee calculations, residents shall retain $165.00/month. Member fees are:

  • Residential Care: 47.5 percent of your income.

  • Residential Care for the Elderly or assisted living: 55 percent of your income.

  • Intermediate Care: 65 percent of your income.

  • Skilled Nursing Home Care: 70 percent of your income.

Note: If you receive aid and attendance (A&A) benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the entire A&A amount is payable to the VHC​

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How much will it cost me to become a resident?