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Business Opportunities and SB/DVBE Advocate

Thank you for your interest in the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet).  We look forward to increasing the number of opportunities you have to provide us with the goods and services we need. We are a statewide organization with 8 Veterans Homes located in Barstow, Chula Vista, Ventura, Lancaster, West Los Angeles, Fresno, Redding and Yountville. 

The CalVet is extremely supportive of Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and actively seeks partnerships with them.  Being certified by the State as a SB provides you with a 5 percent bid preference, and the State may also offer up to a 5 percent incentive for DVBE participation in the formal bid process. The procurement staff at CalVet is ready to assist you in successfully participating in the State's procurement process.

Commercially Useful Function

Under Government Code and Military and Veterans Code, California certified SB and DVBE doing business with the state must perform a Commercially Useful Function (CUF).   Late in 2015, documents were developed to assist with the evaluation of CUF:

  • Sample CUF Departmental Policy

  • FAQs regarding CUF

  • CUF Evaluation and Determination Worksheet

  • DVBE Program Requirements for Goods and Information Technology

These documents are available on the Commercially Useful Function webpage at: 

To facilitate the evaluation of CUF for its SB and DVBE suppliers, CalVet adopted CUF Policy using the sample above provided by DGS and developed the following:

CalVet SB/DVBE Advocate  

If you are interested in becoming a SB or DVBE subcontractor or if you have questions about doing business with CalVet, contact Ramon Carlos at or at 916-657-9364.

For State Small Business and DVBE Advocate Information go to: State Agency SB/DVBE Advocates

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Business Opportunities and SB/DVBE Advocate