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You or a Loved One Can Become Part of the California Veterans Memorial

The California Veterans Registry is a permanent record of all California Veterans, past and present, who have served our nation since statehood was established in 1850. Whether cook or fighter pilot, mechanic or chief of staff, this memorial will honor them all, and forever immortalize the contributions that California veterans have made to their nation.

Each California veteran is entitled to the basic information of name, rank and branch of service. To create a truly living memorial, California veterans are encouraged to expand on the basic information by contributing to the enhanced registry.

The Enhanced Registry

California veterans can be truly immortalized by including a photograph (preferably in military uniform) for a donation of $35 and/or a 100-word statement for a donation of $15. Any veteran who considers California to be their home is eligible to participate.

The 100-word statement is your opportunity to describe your military experience, or that of a loved one. The written statement can include such information as medals awarded, duty stations, nicknames, anecdotes, hometown or other relevant information. Visitors to the memorial will be able to refer to this information forever and recall the military experience of a father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, sister or brother, cousin or friend.

There are other memorials in California, but none that represent all who have served, whether in peacetime or during war, and from all branches of military service.

The California Veterans Memorial was built with money raised solely through private contributions such as your donation to the enhanced registry. The memorial receives no state money for this project. Your financial support will go directly to the memorial fund.

Enroll today! You may either download an enrollment form to fill out and send to us. (If you wish, you may also use this form to make an additional donation* to the Memorial Fund.) or complete the "Register On-line" submission above.

For more information please write to the California Veterans Memorial Project at 1227 "O" Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

* Under Section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code, your generous donation to the Memorial is a gift to the State of California for an exclusive public purpose, and therefore should be deductible for income tax purposes, subject to any limitations contained in Section 170.



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On-Line California Veteran Registry