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California State University (CSU)

The California State University (CSU) offers unlimited opportunities to help veterans, active-duty service members and their families meet their personal and professional goals. With 23 campuses and more than 1,800 degree programs, each state university is committed to providing:

  • Supportive institutional values and administration

  • Academic support programs and services, such as veteran-focused advising, mentoring and counseling

  • Financial support and advice specifically for veterans

  • Priority admission and registration, and academic credit granted for military courses and experience

  • Extensive opportunities in student leadership

  • On-campus outreach to Veterans

  • Transition support services

  • Referrals for VA medical and mental health services

  • Adjustment and career counseling services specific to VA benefits and Veteran issues

  • Assistance in applying for other VA benefits

  • Referrals to campus services as necessary

More than 2.5 million students have graduated from the CSU and have helped to shape the future of California and the nation. That's why a CSU education is more than just a learning experience — it's an opportunity to continue the personal growth.

Each CSU support and maintain a student organization that serves the interests of veteran students. They operate to promote and expand the camaraderie and care of former military service members attending the university. These individual programs also represent and promote the well-being and academic achievement and ease of a collegiate experience for veteran students at the university. They offer the similar opportunities to maintain the same standards of leadership, ethics, values and professional success they experienced in the armed services.




Veteran Services Benefits - Card

California State University (CSU)