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California Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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This memorial lists the names of Californians in military service who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam Conflict. These 5,676 names are inscribed on the California Vietnam Memorial in Sacramento.

The California Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated December 10, 1988, is one of the most visited out of the 15 memorials in Capitol Park. Artist Rolf Kriken created the bronze statues of the Memorial. He recently redid the map of Vietnam which lies at the entrance of the Memorial. The new bronze map overlays the old map. The etchings on the original map had become worn by the footsteps of the thousands of visitors to the Memorial. Several memorial ceremonies are held at the memorial each year; the largest being "The Reading of the Names" held on the day before Memorial Day every year. At this event, volunteers read all of the 5000+ names on the memorial walls of the California service men and women who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

The outer surfaces of the Memorial's inner walls are faced with 22 panels of granite engraved with the names of those Californians killed and missing in action, listed alphabetically by home city. For this table, the panels are numbered 1-22, beginning with the panel to the right of the Memorial's entrance and going counterclockwise. Search for names here



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California Vietnam Veterans Memorial