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Regional Service Provider Networks

In many regions of the state, service providers gather to discuss veterans support issues, and to network with one another to find the best combination of solutions to fit veteran needs.  These groups, known as "collaboratives," meet independently, at regular intervals in many cases, and invite all who may provide services to veterans to join in their discussions.  Each collaborative is as unique as the region for which the group serves.  For more information on regional collaboratives, you may contact the LINC for your region of interest.

Joining Forces Community Network

The Joining Forces Community (JFC – in some regions, still known as "ISFAC") is a nationally-chartered (by the First Lady of the United States) voluntary military cooperative partnership organized to provide multi-service networking for training and assistance to ensure "Total Force Family Readiness" for active military members/families. The main purpose of this committee is to provide assistance regardless of service component. The goal of the JFC is to strengthen existing family assistance delivery systems in the event of mobilization, deployment, or natural disaster through the interaction of committee members.  In addition, the committee serves the purpose of linking outside organizations (non-profits, faith based, and military associations) and military branches together to make a stronger support network for military personnel and their families throughout the State of California. Many of JFC's veteran support tools have proven to be effective in helping currently serving military members and their families, and it is this inter-relationship that has allowed CalVet to grow its support base with both professional and volunteer assistance to the military and veteran community.

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