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CalVet County Assistance

The County Subvention Programs is a group of fund programs mandated by the Legislature to reimburse counties for a portion of the costs of "presenting and pursuing any claim the veteran may have against the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) and in establishing the veteran's right to any privilege, preference, care, or compensation provided for by the laws of the United States or of this state" (Military & Veterans Code 971).

These programs consist of 3 revenue sources.  The first is the State General fund which currently appropriates $5.6 Million.  These funds are distributed to each county on a "pro-rata" share based on the number of audited workload units reported.    

The second revenue source is the Medi-Cal Cost avoidance, which is administered thru sub-contracting with the Department of Health Care Services and provides federal monies that are paid to the counties for filing veteran claims for benefits that create cost savings to the Medi-Cal program. Current appropriation is $838,000. 

The third is the Veteran Service Office Fund (VSOF).  This program is a revenue generated fund thru the sale of veteran license plates.  A portion of the sales is allocated to the County Veteran Service Offices (CVSO's) to off-set a portion of the cost of office administration. Current appropriation is $554,000.

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CalVet County Assistance