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Are you a veteran looking for a job?

There are many resources available to help veterans looking for employment and those who are unemployed. Those resources include state and federal employment assistance program, veterans preference programs, How-to-Get-a-State-Job tutorials, veteran-specific job sites, local job fairs and more.

Please see our CalVet Careers page and our Employment page for resources.

Are you looking to hire veterans?

Veterans make outstanding employees. They are trained to be team focused, mission oriented, responsible, respectful and accountable. They have learned to do more with less, work well under pressure, adapt quickly to change, and to understand and respect chain of command. All veterans are trained to follow; many are trained to lead. The following resources are offered to organizations that wish to develop or enhance their veteran recruitment efforts.

Veteran Employer Resources

State of California Employer Resources

Veteran Employer Toolkit

National Veterans Job Bank

Military Skills Translator




Veteran Services Benefits - Card