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Mental Health Grant Program For Counties

FY 19/20 Prop 63 Mental Health Grant Program

Contra Costa

Contra Costa CVSO will continue to contract with Contra Costa Television to produce a live, monthly call-in Television program entitled "Veterans' Voices." The television setting will allow veterans and their family members to learn about benefits and services as well as the ability to call in with questions. Each show they produce will focus on a specific theme, including mental health, supportive housing, and several other important topics that many veterans and their families face.

Contra Costa CVSO will provide outreach to the senior veterans within their community.  The CVSO will work closely with agencies, care providers, and housing facilities to develop a partnership in order to reach the veterans and dependents that reside or are served by their service. Their main objective is to assist these veterans in obtaining services and benefits including VA disability claims and pensions.


The Fresno CVSO will attend multiple outreach events including Stand Downs, Job Fairs, VA hospitals, and Vet Centers to identify and assist veterans in need of Mental Health Services. Their goal is to refer veterans to the correct agency for support, acquire access to aid for high risk veterans and assist the veteran in submitting their VA disability claims.


Imperial CVSO has partnered with the Imperial County Behavioral Health Services department and the Yuma Veterans Center to provide mental health outreach services. With funding from Prop 63, they will be able to expand their services to reach the underserved veterans including justice-involved veterans, homeless veterans, and veterans who live in rural areas of the county.

Los Angeles

With Prop 63 funding, The Los Angeles CVSO will collaborate with the U.S.VETS to expand and strengthen an already existing program called Outside the Wire—Transition Assistance. Their program provides free counseling to veteran college students and their families.  The enhanced version will launch at 13 Community Colleges throughout Los Angeles County, and will address Mental Health, Benefits, Justice Involvement, Workforce Development, Homeless Assistance, Whole-Family Care, and Suicide Prevention. 

The Los Angeles CVSO will focus on the hard to reach and vulnerable population of men and women veterans (other than honorable discharge) and their families, who do not seek services and often do not identify themselves as veterans. The CVSO will partner with the Department of Mental Health to identify, assess, and link veterans to intervention and prevention services. Their objective is to optimize the quality of life for veterans and their families through mental health intervention and prevention services.


The Monterey CVSO will provide staffing and an outreach program that will pre-screen, counsel and advocate for veterans, reservists and guard members that have disclosed mental illness or substance abuse issues.  Their outreach will focus on the Transitional Assistance Program, Veterans Treatment Court and Monterey County Stand Down.


Nevada CVSO, in partnership with Welcome Home Vets, will continue to operate the Nevada County Veterans Outreach and Resource Program. Their programs goal is to educate all veterans and family members during their transition, link them to services, as well as improve the mental health and well-being of all veterans in Nevada County. 

Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino

With Prop 63 funding support, Orange CVSO, Riverside CVSO and San Bernardino CVSO will each host a monthly free legal clinic. Through an MOU with Veterans Legal Institute, their focus will be towards the homeless and/or low-income veterans whose access to or maintenance of mental health treatment requires direct intervention of legal aid, which clients could otherwise not afford. The purpose of their At-Risk Veterans Free Legal Clinic is to provide outreach for vulnerable transitioning service members, Veterans, and their families to remove legal barriers preventing access to or maintenance of mental health care.

San Joaquin County Veterans Service Office

San Joaquin County will use the Prop 63 funds for the utilization of mental health care and substance abuse treatment through the education, assessment and engagement of the veteran population living within the county.  Their trainings modalities target a wide range of service members including but not limited to minorities, LGBTQ, women, homeless, and veterans living in the underserved, rural, and outlying communities.  Veterans residing within San Joaquin County suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders will find a variety of services coordinated to address their needs.

Santa Cruz County Veterans Service Office

The Santa Cruz CVSO will be hosting a weekly mini Stand Down every Wednesday for their veterans. They will offer services such as on-the-spot claims assistance, job search support, housing support, a VA mobile clinic, substance abuse groups, and hot meals. Their goal is to provide veterans a place where they can receive reliable hands-on help on a weekly basis.

Solano County Veterans Service Office

Solano County CVSO maintains a Transitioning Assistance Program (TAP) process with Travis Air Force Base to counsel and refer discharging veterans. Screening is done five full days every week. The CVSO participates in jail outreach performed on a weekly and an as-needed basis. The county also supports their local Stand Down by being a part of the planning committee and coordinating with the courts to get the court records of the veterans attending stand down, when the veteran requests vet court help.

Sonoma County Veterans Service Office

Sonoma CVSO will subcontract with Sonoma County's Verity organization, the sole rape crisis and trauma center, as well as the only 24/7 Sexual Assault Crisis Line in Sonoma County.  Verity's counseling services will be provided to veterans at no charge by certified rape crisis counselors and other licensed behavioral health clinicians.

With funding support from CalVet they will also be able to concentrate on early identification/prevention. Their program will seek to improve contact and education of services to the underrepresented and potentially vulnerable classes of individual such as, minority veterans, veteran in the LGBTQ community, women veterans, Native veterans, incarcerated veterans, homeless veterans, family members of veterans and veterans with other than honorable discharges. 

Stanislaus County Veterans Service Office

The CVSO will provide a Certified Veterans Services Representative to screen and assess the veterans mental health needs during their intake process for benefits. By streamlining their system of services and collaborating with the Modesto Vet Center, they intend to reduce the stigma of those with mental health needs.  Their goal is to educate veterans on the importance of mental health and encourage them to seek counseling through the Vet Center.

Ventura County Veterans Service Office

The Ventura County Veteran Phoenix Program will address the lack of access to mental health and substance abuse resources for justice involved veterans. The CVSO will provide comprehensive case management and supportive services to provide veterans access to mental health and substance abuse services.

Tulare County Veterans Service Office

The Tulare CVSO will be working with the local Justice Department, Tule River Indian Reservation, The Source LBGTQ+ Center, local mental health providers, and several faith based organizations to create a streamlined system that will allow a veteran timely access to needed services through an expedited process. They will also be connecting with the local clinics to implement the "Vet's Pass" Program. This program is designed to reduce the clinic wait times that often exacerbate a Veteran's feelings of anxiety and/or discomfort with seeking services.




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Mental Health Grant Program For Counties