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The County Subvention Program is administered under the provisions of M&V Code, Chapter 5, Sections 972 and 972.1, California Code of Regulations, Title 12, Sections 450 through 455.  The County Subvention Program reimburses counties for a portion of their administrative cost, attending 3 sanctioned trainings per fiscal year and for "Workload Units" performed.

Currently, appropriations under the current budget act are as follows:

  • $5.6 million is distributed in "pro-rata" shares to counties who have appointed a CVSO in accordance with CCR, Section 451 and who have submitted semi-annual reports illustrating their workload for the preceding six months.
  • From the $5.6 mil, $687,500 is allocated for training; $1.1 million is allocated for Administration and approximately $3.8 million for workload units performed.

In addition funds may be available if all of the following requirements are met:

  • A "Certificate of Compliance", as soon as it's signed by the Board of Supervisors (or appropriately delegated person) and must be submitted to (CalVet), not later than January 31, of the current calendar year.
  • The adopted/final current fiscal year budget for the CVSO must be submitted to the CalVet, within 30 days of final adoption by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Semi-annual Workload reports (form DVS 16), must be filed with CalVet, by January 31, the first 6 months; and by July 31, the second six months of the current calendar year.
  • All workload activity reports must be fully and accurately completed and submitted via agency attachment feature in VetPro.

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