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Tool-Kit For Approved Apprenticeship On-The-Job Training


There are several legal requirements for employers and apprenticeships that have been approved to offer the program(s) to veterans and other eligible persons. The requirements that were met in order to receive approval must be implemented and followed to maintain approval. The following information is provided to assist in managing the on-the-job or apprenticeship training program.

NOTE: Throughout these guidelines the word "trainee" refers to the person(s) receiving benefits.


The trainee must work at least 120 hours per month in order to receive the full monthly payment.  Although the trainee must work fulltime to complete the program by the scheduled ending date, the 120 minimum can accommodate days off due to sick leave, holidays and permitted vacation.  CSAAVE suggests that vacations be scheduled in such a manner as to avoid falling below the l20-hour/month minimum.

Benefits are paid after the VA Monthly Certification of Hours Worked Form bas been received and processed by the appropriate VA office. Both the trainee and an authorized certifying official of the facility must sign this form.


All apprenticeship programs require "related training". Related training is organized and systematic instruction for the purpose of providing apprentices with theoretical and technical subjects related to the trade.  This may be given on-site at the company or at any vocational school. If related training is given during normal working hours and the trainee is receiving a wage while in attendance, the hours may be reported as hours worked. The establishment must periodically review and evaluate the trainee's progress in related training. Unsatisfactory progress must be handled in accordance with the provisions as outlined in the facilities Standards of Apprenticeship.  


Though not required, certain on-the-job training facilities will have provisions for related training. In such cases, the related training guidelines for apprenticeships will be followed.  


Each month the veteran/employee will receive Form 22-6553d. He/she will fill in number of actual hours worked for that period. You will need to certify the accuracy, sign, date and forward to the Veteran Affairs address listed on the form. This form must not be certified before the first of the month following the month certified.

Progress Records must be maintained at your company during the training and for a period of three years following the completion or termination of each trainee's program.


The wage schedule shown on the Application for Approval or Veteran Training Agreement must be followed. If a general wage increase is authorized by the facility, the new wage schedule must be reported to the SAA on the Amendment application. The agency will issue a letter amending the approval for the new wage schedule.

If the trainee's work is unsatisfactory or the attendance rate is unsatisfactory so that he or she does not earn the scheduled wage increase, it is permissible to delay the increase. This action must be fully documented and available for review by authorized officials of the V A or the SAA.


If a trainee is discharged by the facility for unsatisfactory progress, attendance or conduct, this fact must be reported to the V A within 30 days.


Any time the trainee is terminated from the training program or completes the program earlier than anticipated, it must be reported to the VA within 30 days. Early completion includes reaching the journeyman wage schedule at an earlier than anticipated date.


The VA is required by law to conduct compliance surveys at 10% of all active establishments on an annual basis. The purpose of these surveys is to make sure that all the rules and regulations are being adhered to and to help the facility wherever necessary. Authorized VA officials will have appropriate identification and have the right to view all pertinent facility records.


Employer or apprenticeship representatives may contact the California State Approving Agency at 916-503-8317. Veterans and other eligible persons should contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.



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Tool-Kit For Approved Apprenticeship On-The-Job Training