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Where can I find emergency shelters?

Local churches and faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and Volunteers of America may have a variety of programs to assist you. Find these organizations by calling your county or city Department of Social Services. Check the phone book blue pages for the number, or dial 2-1-1.

You can also use our Service Provider search for housing resources in your area.

Health Care for Homeless Veterans Contracts (HCHV): Provides emergency housing, shelter and treatment through local community providers. Local VA facilities contract with community agencies for beds which are available to Veterans enrolled in VA Healthcare. Provide healthy and safe places to live.

  • Provides housing options.
  • Provide contacts for employment and education services.
Homeless Veterans Outreach & Awareness; Homeless Courts; Housing & Supportive Services; Incarcerated Veterans
Veteran Services Benefits - FAQ

Where can I find emergency shelters?