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Monthly Statewide Webinars

Join Deputy Secretary Lindsey Sin to learn about and discuss events, services, resources, and benefits for women veterans in California. These webinars occur bi-monthly usually on the first Wednesday of the month. If you have any suggestions for future content, please contact us at or call (916) 653-1402.

Upcoming Webinar: Women Veterans Healthcare & the State of Their Reproductive Health

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Join us for a special two part series webinar discussing the overall healthcare of women veterans in our upcoming webinar in July. On August 21, 2019, we continue the healthcare conversation with subject matter experts in reproductive health for women veterans in the VA.  

Statewide Webinar
Wed, July 17, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT 

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  • "Healthy Families, Stronger Communities"
  • This webinar addresses not just recognition of mental health for the veteran, but their families as well. When families are strengthened, the veteran is fortified even more to develop the skills and connections necessary for integration and improving the quality of their lives.
  • Special Guest Presenters Christina Harner of Courage to Call, Lauren Trosclair-Duncan of The Red Cross, and Kristine Stanley of Women Vets on Point.


  • "Lead and Serve Again"
  • This webinar was dedicated to honoring Women's History Month and in special recognition of Women's Military History Week, March 18-24, 2019, proclaimed by Governor Gavin Newsom. The webinar addresses how women veterans can continue to be change agents within their communities as they are in a unique position of leadership, resiliency, and insight.
  • Special Guest Presenters Ann Duson/Founder & President of Women Veterans Unity Group, Melissa Washington/Founder & CEO of Women Veterans Alliance, and Patricia Jackson-Kelley/President of National Association of Black Military Women


  • "Year in Review 2018 and Looking Ahead 2019"
  • Special Guest Presenters and Subject Matter Experts Joshua Zebley/CalTap Manager, Phillip Leggett and Pernell Sullivan/Veteran Services Analysts, and Jennifer Hubbard-Beath/VHHP Analyst

​2018 Women Veteran Webinars

  • July 2016
    • Transitioning from military to state service
    • Lenaya Trejo & Dannie Gee / California Department of Human Resources (CalHR)
    • Degree and State Job Equivalents (PDF)
  • May 2016
    • VA Disability Claims II & Social Benefits
    • Suzi Vinci & John Melrose/Placer County Veteran Service Office
  • March 2016
    • VA Disability for Women Veterans
    • Ted Puntillo/Director of Veterans Services Solano County
  • January 2016
    • CalVet Home Loans: Overview, Eligibility, and Application Process
    • Walt Sanders/CalVet Loan Origination and Lisa Rodgers/CalVet Loan Processing
  • December 2015
    • Year in Review and Looking Ahead
  • September 2015
    • CalVet Women Veterans Division Updates
  • August 2015
    • The Housing Needs of Women Veterans
  • July 2015
    • Discussion with the author of “Ashley’s War” and the Untold Stories of Women in Combat
    • Gayle Tzemach/Author of “Ashley’s War” and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations
  • June 2015
    • VA Veterans Centers
    • Albert Revives/Sacramento, Dottie Guy/Oakland, and Yesenia Thomas/San Bernardino
  • May 2015
    • Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Opportunities
    • Cassaundra Melgar C'de Baca/CEO and Founder of the F7 Group
  • April 2015
    • Women Veteran Retreats
    • Lee Klinger Lesser/Executive Director of 'Honoring the Path of the Warrior"
  • February 2015
    • Women Veteran Networking Groups
    • Melissa Washington, Navy Veteran, Author, Business Owner, and Social Networking Guru
  • January 2015
    • Blue Butterflies Project for Women Veterans, Bob Pratt/President of Volunteers of America Los Angeles
    • 2015 National Veterans Foundation activities, Kristine Hess/Women Veterans Outreach Coordinator
  • November 2014
    • Military Sexual Trauma and California
    • Deputy Secretary Lindsey Sin and Women Vets Outreach Coordinator Kristine Hess
  • October 2014
    • Stand Downs: With an Emphasis on Women
    • Dr. Jennifer Grigoriou, Dottie Guy, Kelly McFarland, Starlyn Lara, and Darcy Pavich
  • August 2014
    • 2014 Summit on Women Veterans
    • Deputy Secretary Lindsey Sin
  • June 2014
    • Operation Mindful Warrior
    • Gail Soffer
  • May 2014
    • Connecting with Veteran Support Agencies
    • Willie Dawson
  • March 2014
    • 2013 California Women Veterans Statewide Survey
  • February 2014
    • CalVet Connect
    • Angela Yamamoto, Veteran Services Division
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Monthly Statewide Webinars